The need for real-time intelligence: it is a changing world, with increasing commercial and regulatory pressures from the outside world, combined with network troubleshooting and performance improvement requirements within the organisation. Capturing, analysing and visualising the data that is the lifeblood of your organisation has never been more important.


P2D Analytics provides a flexible solution that can be used throughout the financial trading ecosystem. delivering the data you need, with unparalleled breadth and depth. With its ultimate flexibility, one dataset is provided that can be filtered according to user requirements and their role in the organisation. Financial institutions around the world use Packets2Disk technology, products and solutions to decode, store and analyse the data that makes their business run smoothly. Packets2Disk is selected because we specialise in and understand your business:


• We serve only the financial industry, rather than trying to be all things to all people: this means we can focus on    providing unbeatable analytics with unparalleled depth and visibility


• Comprehensive solution: P2D Analytics is applicable throughout your business, whether you are an exchange, a broker, a trader or responsible for the network management, and supports a huge range of market protocols and timestamping protocols


• Open and configurable: with P2D Analytics, you can do whatever you need for your business. You can report and alert on what you want, when you want and where you want, as well as exporting data for long term storage and historical analysis


P2D Analytics provides comprehensive, high grade analytics for all levels of the business. P2D Analytics is typically used by market data teams, network teams, traders and exchanges, all of whom have access to the same set of timestamped, decoded market and trading data that can be configured and reported on as required.

An example of P2D used for regulatory compliance: Regulatory Compliance.pdf

Market Data Teams

Market data teams need to ensure accurate and timely delivery of each and every market data stream. Metrics can be granular or with 100ms storage of data. P2D Analytics decodes and analyses every message in real-time, enabling the performance of market data delivery to be accurately monitored, providing metrics including:


• Message rate

• Drops

• Out of sequence events

• Duplicates

• Jitter (inter-packet gap)

• One way and hop-to-hop latency (including use of Exchange timestamps)


Exchanges need to access not only high-level visibility of the huge amount of trading, market and network data, but also to be able to drill down into this data as required. All data is available for historical analysis and dispute resolution. P2D Analytics provides full detail for trading and market data flows, such as:


• Overall market data stream performance

• Trading latency hop-by-hop

• Grouped latency data per client and average latency for each client

• Maximum latency for any client transaction

• Details of trades per client, and individual trade detail


Traders need to ensure that business is executed in a timely manner, with the real-time position available and full records stored and available. With P2D Analytics, metrics are provided for a huge range of information, with drill-down capability and full details available in the database for further analysis or export. Complex correlations can be calculated on the fly, such as tick-to-trade or order routing. Metrics provided by P2D Analytics include:


• Full detail of every trading message (orders, acknowledgments, fills etc.)

• Latency for every hop in the path, including switches, routers and gateway servers

• Business figures such as value of position in real-time

Network Teams

Network teams need to quickly identify and solve network problems and optimise network performance, including understanding the latency at every point in the network. With P2D Analytics, network and transactional latency are monitored, as well as the underlying network infrastructure, with every message analysed in real-time. Latency is calculated for every hop in the path and the precise location of latency is spotted for every message, enabling rapid identification and triage of latency issues. Metrics mainly relate to latency, including:


• Switches

• Routers

• Gateway servers

• Firewalls

• Switch congestion (for Arista users)

Whatever your requirements, Packets2Disk is the vendor of choice

Combining ultimate flexibility and openness in a cost-effective, easy to deploy, industry-proven solution, it is clear to see why Packets2Disk is used throughout the financial industry for the provision of comprehensive, timely manner, with an unparalleled level of configurability and flexibility. Please contact us at if you have any questions about your applications.

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